The head of Widney Transport Components (Pty) Ltd has designated the Finance Director of PG GROUP (PTY) LTD, to deal with matters related to the Act.

Postal address:

The postal address for the Finance Director of PG GROUP (PTY) LTD is P.O. Box 2329, Bedfordview, 2008

Physical Address:

The street address of the Finance Director of PG GROUP (PTY) LTD is PG Group, 18 Skeen Boulevard,  Bedfordview.

Telephone number:

The telephone number of the Finance Director of PG GROUP (PTY) LTD is (011) 417-5800.

Telefacsimile number:

The telefax number of the Finance Director of PG GROUP (PTY) LTD is (011) 417-5896.

Email address:

The Email address for the Finance Director of PG GROUP (PTY) LTD is
The Email address for the Information Officer of PG GROUP (PTY) LTD is


Regarding the Guide contemplated in Section 10 of the Act:

Pursuant to Section 10 of the Act, you may obtain from the Human Rights Commission a guide containing information in accordance with import of Section 10 of the Act. We suggest that you consult section 10 of the Act for further information, and further that you contact the Human Rights Commission at:

The South African Human Rights Commission:

Postal address: Private Bag 2700 Houghton 2041

Telephone: +27 11 484-8300

Fax: +27 11 484-0582



The following constitutes the Information Manual compiled pursuant to section 51 of the Act:

The records within the control of PG GROUP (PROPRIETARY) LIMITED and/or its subsidiary WIDNEY TRANSPORT COMPONENTS (PTY) LTD:

1. Records, documents, and other information prescribed for holding by the Companies Act (Act number 61 of 1973), including

  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Incorporation;
  • Incorporation forms prescribed by the Companies Act;
  • Share register;
  • Shareholders agreements;
  • Minutes of general meetings of the shareholders;
  • Minutes of meetings of Directors and Management of the Company;
  • Register of Directors and Company Officers;
  • Minute books of the company;

2. Documents and information kept pursuant to other legislation which binds the Company to retain such documents or records, including tax, labour and employee benefits legislation.

3. Financial, business and related documents and records, concomitant with the running of a business of the nature of that carried on by Widney Transport Components (Pty) Limited, including –

  • information pertaining to products and their specifications
  • pricing information
  • market intelligence
  • supplier particulars
  • customer particulars
  • sales information and related financial records
  • product information
  • business information
  • research and development information
  • invoices, receipts
  • contracts
  • terms and conditions of Widney (Pty) Ltd and third parties with whom Widney (Pty) Ltd deals, where expressed in writing

4. Information pertaining to, and particulars of the staff and employees of Widney Transport Components (Pty) Ltd.

5. Documents relating to taxation, including registrations, returns and computations.

6. Documents relating to Intellectual Property, including registration certificates and other prescribed forms.

7. Documents relating to movable and immovable property, including asset registers.

8. Financial Statements compiled and kept in accordance with company laws, underlying accounting records and documents, including:

  • Cashbooks and reconciliations to banks
  • General ledgers
  • Journals
  • Trial balances
  • Monthly management accounts
  • Annual financial statements
  • Year-end files with schedules
  • Budgets
  • Bank statements
  • Deposit slips
  • Cheque counterfoils

9. Agreements, commitments and trading agreements.

10. Employees’ particulars, including names, personal information, contracts, arrangements with the Company, employee benefits, loans, leave due and taken, remuneration, personnel files.

11. Information pertaining to trade unions and workplace forums.

12. Information relating to share incentive schemes or trusts.

13. Information relating to environmental issues.

14. Research, scientific and technical information.

15. Name of the auditors of the Company.

16. Commercial Agreements and related documents.

17. Internal memoranda.

18. Correspondence.

19. Documents relating to pension and provident funds and entitlements of employees and officers relating to such pension and provident funds, as well as similar documentation relating to medical aids and medical benefits.

20. Statutory returns and documents.


The requester must use the prescribed form to make the request for access to a record. This must be made to Finance Director, PG Group (Pty) Ltd. This request must be made to the address, fax number or electronic mail address supplied above
The requester must provide sufficient detail on the request form to enable the Finance Director, PG Group (Pty) Ltd to identify the record and the requester. The requester should also indicate which form of access is required. The requester should also indicate if he or she wishes to be informed in any other manner and state the necessary particulars to be so informed.
The requester must identify the right that he or she is seeking to exercise or protect and provide an explanation of why the requested record is required for the exercise or protection of that right.

If a request is made on behalf of a person, the requester must then submit proof of the capacity in which the requester is making the request to the satisfaction of the Finance Director, PG Group (Pty) Ltd.


The Finance Director, PG Group (Pty) Ltd, will notify the requester (other than a personal requester) by notice, requiring the requester to pay the prescribed fee (if any) before further processing the request. A personal requester does not pay such a fee.

The fee that the requester must pay to a private body is R50. The requester may lodge an internal appeal or an application to the court against the tender or payment of the request fee.
The head of this private body will then make a decision on the request and notify the requester in the required form.

If the request is granted then a further access fee must be paid for the search, reproduction, preparation and for any time that has exceeded the prescribed hours to search and prepare the record for disclosure.

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