The Arrive Alive website received an accident report yesterday of a road crash that claimed the life of a pedestrian. Attached to this report was photos clearly showing the massive impact that such a collision could have on the windscreen/ windshield of a car. This also emphasises the importance of correctly fitted windscreens and the need to ensure that only quality windscreens are used!

The proper manufacturing and correct fitting of windscreens are important factors to keep the passengers of a motor vehicle safety, says Bernice Bailey, marketing director of the PG Group.

Bailey warns that inferior, ill-fitting windscreens will pop out in an accident situation and put passengers at risk of being flung out of the vehicle. It can aggravate injuries and increase the possibility that the vehicle rolls over them and crush them in the process.

“Shatterprufe windscreens, manufactured by the PG Group inSouth Africa with the utmost precision, and using only the best materials can save your life in these circumstances. Indeed, it saves lives regularly in accidents on SA roads.”

Bailey said the PG Group is committed to the promotion of road safety inSouth Africa and pointed out a number of other disparities between inferior windscreens and Shatterprufe.

Virgin vinyl only

Some non-original equipment (non-OE) manufacturers use recycled vinyl to bind the two glass components of a windscreen or use sub-standard glass specifications. In an accident situation, occupant’s heads can penetrate the windscreen resulting in severe lacerations to the face and head. Shatterprufe® only uses virgin vinyl and manufacturers according to SABS and original equipment (OE) glass specifications.

  • Ill fitting windscreens can also pop out on impact. This results in the airbag flying out of the window causing the passenger being crushed against the dashboard. Shatterprufe® provides a solid area for the airbag to deploy effectively thus protecting the occupants of the vehicle from serious injury.
  • Shatterprufe® windscreens and correct fitment ensure that windscreens stay in place, which prevents the roof from caving in. This safety feature assists in preventing occupants in the vehicle from being crushed. Shatterprufe® provides up to 30% of the vehicle’s strength.

No distortion

Inferior, non-OE windscreens often are distorted, which causes eye fatigue whilst driving. Driving with a distorted windscreen during the day or night can cause optical distortion – causing objects to look closer or further away from you. Shatterprufe® windscreens are rigorously tested against distortions.

  • Bailey confirmed that Shatterfrufe® and PG Glass would continue its ongoing commitment to and education of the public regarding road safety.
  • Shatterprufe and PG Glass are both divisions of the PG Group.


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